Low Res video of Mason playing - click here (628KB)


He's here!

Eight days before his actual due date and two days before his scheduled C-section, our son decided he was ready to meet everyone !

Mason Myhand was born 1/31/2005 at 4:24pm.  7lbs 7oz, 20 inches long.  

Both mom and Mason are doing well.  Charlotte's already enjoying being a big sister and has been a big help!

Pictures:  1/31/2005

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The last appointment before The Big Day! 

Kathy and Baby were doing well.  He's estimated to be in the high 8lb range.  We had another ultrasound done, but because he's so big and in such cramped quarters, it was hard to make out much detail. 

His room at home is all set up, except for some curtains we're having made.  I'll post pictures of that some time next week.


Doctor's appointment - Just a quick checkup.  Everything is going well.


We had another doctor's appointment today.  In the final month, they're scheduling us once a week.  All went well.  The baby's heart rate was a normal (if you can believe it) 150 bpm!  He's still moving around and just enjoying the ride.

Kathy and I have both had dreams that he was either early or already here.  We'll see if he makes it to February 2nd.


We're down to 27 days and counting.  Kathy, Charlotte, and I are getting very excited !!

We've narrowed down our list of potential names and I believe we may have actually picked the final name.  Of course, it's subject to change for another 27 days or so.  We're not announcing the name until he's actually here.  

As of last month, he was weighing in at 5.2 lbs.  He's forever active and Charlotte and I get a kick out of seeing Kathy's stomach move around. 

A C-Section is schedule for 2-2-2005 at 1:00pm.


I converted the ultrasound VHS to computer AVI files.  I'll try to get them posted here this week.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow and should know the gender of the baby by lunch tomorrow!

It's A Boy!

Kathy and I went to the doctor yesterday for the third ultrasound.  The baby is at 18.5 weeks and weighs 10oz.  

07-27-2004 - at 12 weeks

Kathy and I found out a few months ago that we have a baby on the way!

Charlotte is very excited about becoming a big sister and is already helping us pick out clothes, furniture, and baby names.

Due date is February 7, 2005.  However, we will be going in for a scheduled C-section prior to that.

The first trimester went by quite quickly.  Kathy did not have too much in the way of morning sickness.  The first trimester tests all came back good.

I am working on getting the ultrasounds converted to computer files so I can post them here for viewing.  It's pretty impressive to see the difference four weeks makes in the development of a baby.  I imagine I should have that done by 8/14.

Second Ultrasound Video (3.2 megs)