I was born in Dekalb General Hospital on November 24, 1969, 4.5 years after my older sister and 9 minutes before my twin sister.

I was raised in Covington, GA, which is about 36 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta. (map)

If you've ever watched the shows The Dukes of Hazzard or In The Heat of the Night, you've seen some of Covington...although it's not quite as hick as they show the town to be.  Close though....


I attended elementary school at Ficquett Elementary.  Then on to Sharp Middle School and later to Newton County High School.  I graduated in 1987.

I attended Middle Georgia College studying in Aerospace Engineering.  After 2.5 years, I figured that wasn't what I wanted to do and I moved to GSU where I graduated with my BA-CIS in 1993.

I completed my MS-CIS in May 2001.  I took all available CIS management electives as well as several other non-CIS electives (management and human resources).

Work History

I am currently working as the Director of Information Technology at Consmer Credit Counseling Service in Atlanta, GA.

Before CCCS, I worked for: