Some friends were gracious enough to throw an engagement party for Kathy and me.
(Thanks to my sister Melissa for taking these for us.)
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Kathy and me opening our present

Friends on porch enjoying conversation and beverages (not necessarily
 in that order of enjoyment)  :-)

Jamie and Suzy listening intently to how lucky they are to know Brent and Kathy.

Kathy's brother, Leon, and his wife, Lori.

Mr. Mitcham (ex-neighbor),
Mr. Turner (Covington City Manager for 33 years!),
Mr. Royston (ex-Juvenile Court Judge), and
Dr. Mitchell (Monticello's very own dentist!)

Fred, Suzy, Jamie

(L-R) Brent, Kathy, Kathy's mom

(L-R) Leon, Lori, Margaret, mom, dad

(Clockwise from top) Amanda, Kathy, Brent, Jeff, Betsy, Greg

Mom, Rod, Wendy, Nat, Billy

Timeout to watch the Marlins win the World Series.

One too many refreshments for our photographer!  :-)